Marion Marlins Masters Swimming Club Inc. 

Our History

During 1981, Wendy and Chris Potter who were currently members of Atlantis Aussi saw the opportunity to form another AUSSI Club using the facilities of the Marion outdoor pool and Doug Openshaw’s Swim Centre.

With the help of the members of Atlantis Aussi and in particular Ivan Wingate a nucleus of swimmers trained at the Marion Outdoor pool that summer. During winter a ‘loose’ association was formed with the Marion Amateur Swimming Club and its inaugural President, Ray Jobling, was keen to see both Clubs grow sharing facilities and coaches. Our first coach was Paul Finn who coached both Clubs together and this must have been a challenge for him as he was dealing with adults and juniors.

There were several Atlantis and Adelaide Masters members who decided to transfer to Marion and they formed the nucleus of the club initially.

The first committee meeting was held on the lawn section out the front of Openshaw’s and the following swimmers formed the committee nucleus: Di Ross, Josic Roberts, Eric Maland, Jean Crowther and Chris Potter. My apologies if I have missed anyone out as I am working from ‘memory.

The Club’s policy was to pay their coaches and free the committee from the task of Fostering and preparing programs. This was only possible with the help of the Marion Amateur Club in our initial years. This policy differed from many of the other Aussi Clubs who relied heavily on their members to set the nights’ activities.

Main highlights of the Club are many and in no particular order:

  • Marion ran the very first official Aussi interclub meet at Openshaw’s with the help of the Marion Amateur Club.
  • We had membership of 200 swimmers bolstered by the Brighton Surf Club pool swimmers.
  • Two coaches were employed during this time to cope with the workload at Marion.
  • For a brief period we had the services of Arthur Ballantyne, a top SA coach, who coached us at Openshaw’s.
  • We were instrumental in starting the Marion Meteors Triathlon Club with our members assisting to form the first committee.
  • Morning sessions commenced with Roderick Ross who had a group of mainly adult swimmers.

There are may other achievements Marion can be proud of, perhaps too many to list in the competition areas of the pool and sea swims.

I believe that the aims of ‘fitness and fun’ should always be in the forefront of any activities.

Chris Potter



Historical Executive and Club Committee Members - Link


Marion Marlins Masters Swim Club Life Members

Robyn Brown
Daryl Hawkes
Maryanne Heffernan
Ruth Henty
Di Ross
Jane Sutton
Sybil Killmier (Deceased)
Chris Potter
​Neal Bertram
​Ian Young
​Heather Carbone



  • Masters swimming memberships have migrated to the SwimCentral platform.

  • Members can renew their registrations via the SwimCentral Link If you have any issues, please contact the club's registrar Vicki Day

  • 6 month memberships are now available and cost $86.00

  • New members can also join the club via the above SwimCentral link.

  • Further details on the change to SwimCentral (including info for current members) can be found on the Masters Swimming Australia website Link


Training fees cover the cost of coaching and lane hire. Fees for SAALC sessions are $6.00 for an hour session and $8.00 for 1.5 hour session on Saturday mornings if purchasing a book of tickets. Fees for Scotch are $6.00 per session (cash or ticket).

The fee depends on the length of the session – the 1.5 hour sessions at SAALC are $10 (cash) or $80 for a prepaid book of 10 tickets. Similarly, the 1 hour sessions are $8 (cash) or $60 for a prepaid book of 10 tickets. You can use the 1 hour session tickets in the 1.5 hour evening sessions if you only swim for 1 hour. Tickets are preferred.

Please make payment to our club account (details below) and after having done so request your book of tickets from the coach. Proof of payment may be requested. 


Here is a brief history of the early years of the club. Enjoy reading about how the club came to be and all the achievements of members during this period. 

THE EARLY YEARS 1980 - 2005

Thank you to Meredith Taylor for collating all the information and to the members who supplied images and information.

If any current or past members identify any incorrect information or have additional information that they would like added, please contact Vicki Day (



25th "Silver" Anniversary (1981-2005) Pictures - Link