Marion Marlins Masters Swimming Club Inc. 

Club Records

The Club retains and updates swim records recorded by its individual members in accredited swim meets. Both long and short course results are included for both males and females in each Masters age group.


Club records
Long Course RecordsCurrentHistoric
MaleCurrent Male LCHistoric Male LC
FemaleCurrent Female LCHistoric Female LC
Last Updated: March 2020  
Short Course RecordsCurrentHistoric
Male Current Male SCHistoric Male SC
FemaleCurrent Female SCHistoric Female SC
Last Updated: March 2020  


Latest Results

Latest results can be found at the Masters Swimming Australia Results Portal


Winter Pool Series Competition Prize

To encourage our members to participate in the 2020 Winter Pool Series meets we will be offering prizes to those who compete in the most individual events.  

Prizes will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most number of pool swims (male or female) during the series up to a total of 24 training tickets distributed in any one year. Prizes will be awarded down to the place level that enables all winners of that place level to receive a prize, within the 24 ticket limit.

1st place - 5 training tickets

2nd place - 4 training tickets

3rd place - 3 training tickets


To qualify, swimmers need to complete individual pool events and not be disqualified, ie. have a time recorded in the official results. Your actual placing in an event is not considered. Points will be tallied and prize winners notified by our Club Captains. To spread the prizes around a bit over time, we propose that prizewinners from the previous year would not be eligible for prizes in the current year.


The eligible 2020 Winter Pool Series competitions (all at SA Aquatic Centre, Marion) are:

- State Cup Long Course -- 3 May

- Interclub 1 Long Course -- 31 May

- Interclub 2 Long Course --21 June

- Interclub 3 Short Course --26 July

- State Cup Short Course -- 13 Sept

- Long Distance Long Course -- 1 Nov

Note: Interclub 4 Short Course (23 Aug) is a relay-only event and thus not included in this prize. You're still encouraged to enter the relay meet though!

For those new to competition and a little hesitant about giving it go, Gavin Rowell has prepared a short report (Intro to Pool Competition) to help you prepare for and enjoy your race day.