Marion Marlins Masters Swimming Club Inc. 

Hot weather

If the air temperature as recorded at West Terrace exceeds 38oC at 5:00 PM, the evening training session will be cancelled. 

Refer to the for up to date weather observations at the BOM West Terrace site.  

Consideration may also be given to cancelling or modifying the training session if the water temperature exceeds 28oC. Remember to stay hydrated during training, particularly on hot days!



These rules are designed to enable each swimmer to gain the greatest value from the training session without interfering with the enjoyment and value of the session to any other swimmer.

  1. Punctuality – Swimmers should aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of the session. This allows time for changing and stretching.
  2. Missing laps – Once the set has begun particularly an endurance set, try not to stop at the ends of the lane. If you fall behind try to keep going with a 5-10 second rest and aim to complete as much of the set as you can. Stop when the rest of the group finishes the set.
  3. Overtaking – If you catch another swimmer touch that person on the toes to let the swimmer know that you are there and overtake at the end of the lane. The caught swimmer, swims straight into the corner leaving room for the faster swimmer to swim through.
  4. Take-off distance – Leave at least a 5 second interval between swimmers. If numbers in the lane allow leave a 10 second interval.
  5. Illnesses – If you have any kind of illness it is best not to swim until you are well enough to complete all of the training session at a lower intensity. Trying to train while you are ill is not advised for the following reasons:
    1. You may infect everyone else.
    2. You will not get better quickly if you stress your body with training.
    3. You will not make any adaptation to training anyway.
    4. You can damage your heart if you train with a fever.
    5. Training poorly when continually ill is bad for your motivation.
  6. Injuries – All injuries must be reported to the coach before training, whether they are swimming related or not. If a body part becomes sore during training report it to the coach. Injuries can be worked around unless your doctor or specialist recommends otherwise.
  7. Who’s the boss? – I like this one. There is to be absolutely no talking while the coach is talking, and all of the coaches instructions are to followed at all times. If you are unable to do a particular task consult the coach who will advise you on how to fit in with the squad without causing yourself or others harm.



The Club wishes to ensure that any member who has a medical condition [being a medical condition accepted by a Medical General Practitioner and registered with MedicAlert] can provide a confidential copy of their MedicAlert registration for use in case of a medical emergency at Marion MS training.

Policy operation

The Marion MS committee and coaches have agreed to keep members Medical Advice
in the form of a MedicAlert registration secure but available for Emergency
Services [Note: A Medic Alert Registration is the only form of information that will be held as the medical condition is verified by a GP and registered with a provider recognised by emergency services.]


The Safety Officer will maintain a register of members providing Medical Advice. 

The register will only verify members who have provided their advice, MedicAlert registration number and Issue Date. MedicAlert registration must be renewed annually and the anniversary of the Issue Date is the date the Medical Advice expires. On or about the anniversary of the Issue Date the Medical Advice will be returned to the member. A new Medical Advice must then be submitted if the member wishes to continue to use this service.

Members using this service are required to photo copy the MedicAlert Membership Card information and place it in a D size envelope provided by Coaches or the Safety Office and complete the registration information on the front of the envelope as shown below. The only persons who will have access to the envelopes will Marion MS coaches and then only in an emergency. Should an emergency arise the coach may hand your individual envelope to emergency services personnel.

June 2012

Financial Hardship


The Club wishes to ensure that financial hardship [being the inability to pay membership fees or training fees] does not prevent any member from rejoining the Club or participating in any of its events or functions.

Policy operation 

All Club members are encouraged to bring any instance of the financial hardship of any member [including any past member] to the attention of a member of the Club’s Committee on a confidential basis.

The Committee member shall provide details to a sub committee formed for the purpose of considering the action to be taken by the Club. This sub-committee is authorised by this policy to reduce any fees payable by the member involved to the Club for membership or training.

The sub committee’s deliberations shall be confidential.

The sub committee may refuse to make any reduction of fees and may place conditions upon any decision it may make to reduce a member’s fees.

The Club’s Committee will take all required steps to facilitate the sub committee’s decision and will advise the member involved as appropriate.

June 2012

Swimming Competency


 (1) Members of Marion Marlins Masters Swimming Club, Inc., must have a minimum level of swimming competence in at least one formal stroke.  The Club does not have the coaching resources to teach non-swimmers.

 (2) ‘A minimum level of swimming competence’ usually means the ability to swim 3 x 100 metres within 10 minutes, rest periods optional.

 (3) Whether a given swimmer satisfies (2) should be determined by one of the Club’s coaches either within the Come and Try period or (in the case of ALTS candidates) preferably before any Come and Try invitation.  The coach concerned should have room to exercise their judgement, but they should bear in mind not only the person’s level of ability but also the effect on training sessions of admitting them as a regular participant in training sessions.

(4) If prospective members have any doubts about their swimming competence or are looking for an adult learn-to-swim program, they are welcome to contact us for advice. We can invite them to Come and Try or refer them to a learn-to-swim program.

(5) Once someone has attained the minimum level of swimming competence and is admitted as a member of the Club, we will help them improve their technique and fitness level in the friendly environment of the Club.